Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

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Ever since I proposed, the question I've gotten the most from people is how did I propose.  And I'm sick of answering it.  So I will tell the little tale on here, and never speak of the instance again.  However, since My Lady will forever be disgruntled that I didn't give her a little "You are the best thing in the world" speech when I took my knee, I'm going to change up the story a little bit.

We had taken a trip across the country, because my live-in brother-in-law and best friend were broadcasting their rush hour radio program from the Living Seas exhibit in Epcot, Walt Disney World.  There was actually quite a bit of tomfoolery going on.  My youngest daughter cut in front of my middle daughter for the chance to win three wishes from the Genie, opening a whole can of snot nosed worms.  Meanwhile, my oldest daughter couldn't stop seeing images of her boyfriend everywhere.  This last part makes sense, because he was such a close part of the Disney family.  His name was Aladdin.  May he rest in peace.  Unfortunately, Aladdin couldn't come on the trip with us, and so my oldest daughter was quite simply just a crazy bitch.

Okay, so anyway, I wanted to use the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend of sometime, and I thought, what better place to do it than Disney World.  So I was trying and trying all day long but kept getting interrupted.  I don't remember exactly how I tried to ask all those initial times, because it's not on instant Netflix.  In the end, I had a neato firework pop up at that night's fireworks display, and it said something like "Will you marry me?" And she said yes.

In real life, my lady said, "I have to pee."  To which I replied, "Hold on a second," did the knee thing, skipped the little speech (for her bladder's sake) and got right to the question.  She answered "Okay," or something, followed by, "can I pee now?"  And we will be in love forever.

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